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Attending an interview

Your resume has caught the eye of the person who organizes interviews and you have been called for the same. What do you do? Well the first step is to gather all the information about the organization – the key people in the organization, major products or services, size in terms of sales and employees, major competitors, latest news reports on the company etc.

Also before appearing for the interview learn as much as possible about the job you are being interviewed for. Anticipate why the organization is interested in talking to you. Make a list of specific examples of achievements from your past, which shows you can meet the organization’s needs. You must also be attired well at the time of interview.

Some important things to remember while appearing for the interview.

Mentioned below are some of the favorite questions that an employer might ask and how you should tackle them. 1) Why do you think yourself suitable for the job?
The Interviewer is indirectly asking why he should hire you? You have to highlight the areas from your background that relate to the present job.

2) What do you see yourself doing five years hence?
The safest answer to this question would be that you desire to be regarded as true professional and team player. Keep your answer work related bearing in mind that the purpose of the question is to find whether you plan to stay with the company.

3) How do you propose to make yourself indispensable to the organization?
Briefly state the innovations that you plan to introduce in your work environment.

4) What are your strengths?
The purpose to this question is to discover reasons for hiring you. Here you may mention that besides the work skills, training and experience that you would offer you also posses qualities like reliability, enthusiasm, dependability and flexibility. Back these qualities with examples.

5) What are your weaknesses?
This question is mainly meant to discover if you are wrong for the job. You must stress that your weakness is really your strength. You may state that your weakness is your desire to see your job through. To be efficient at all times.

6) How would you go about accomplishing a task with a colleague who was difficult to get along with?
his question is meant to find your attitudes towards work pressure. Give job related examples from your past experience showing your ability to cope with pressure outlining your cheerful attitude.

7) When you resolved a problem?
This is meant mainly to find out if you can think on your feet! Cite examples of decisions that you may have taken in your previous assignments and the success they had met.

Never state your previous work experience in negative terms. Even if you disagreed with your former employer always speak of the positive situations of the job. Whenever you speak negatively about another person or situation in which you were directly involved you run the risk of appearing like a person who may have difficulty working with others.